Sleeping Under the Stars

What is the best time and place to sleep under the stars?

The best time to sleep under the stars is when the temperature outside is in between 40s°F – 50s°F,  zero to breezy wind, and clear sky.

Four main reasons why that is the best timing are:  first, people tend to sleep comfortably inside their sleeping bag at that temperature without extra layering, depending on how well insulated the sleeping bag you use.  Recommendation: pick a sleeping bag based on the temperature rating, including the wind chill.

Second, at that temperature range, the exposed skin such as our face won’t feel extremely cold, but it is just nice and cool. Keep in mind that wind chill can carry body heat away at a fast rate, driving down both the skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature.  That’s why zero to breezy wind weather condition is recommended, but not during gusty wind.  Besides, sleeping bag is not designed to be windproof.

Third, mosquitoes are most active at 80°F, lethargic at 60°F, and less active at below 50°F; therefore, you will experience a mosquito-free moment when you stay outdoor at that temperature range.

Fourth, one beautiful clear sky will allow you to star gaze as you are falling asleep.

Sleeping under the stars

Sleeping under the stars waiting for meteor showers to show up @ Upper Sioux Agency, Granite Falls, MN. 5/24/2014

Before you set down your tarp/picnic cloth, mat and sleeping bag, you need to scout the location to determine the perfect place to sleep under the stars; not all areas are suitable.  For instance, if you sleep in an area that is surrounded by pine trees, you will get dry pine needles falling onto your face when the wind blows.  Worst thing, the tree sap can also get on your sleeping bag. Tree sap is gluey and tough to get rid of.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to wash your sleeping bag very often, try to keep it clean as long as you can.  We experienced that when we stayed outdoor at Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota.

The best place to sleep under the stars is on a wide open space with big open sky, very little trees, and no life threatening animals in the area.  The big open sky will give you the best coverage for star gazing.

Try it out and you will love & enjoy outdoor even more!  Cheers!