Minnesota Cars and Coffee in Chanhassen

Minnesota Cars and Coffee in Chanhassen

A Brief Background About Minnesota-h

Here is a little bit of background about Minnesota and its largest metro area, the Twin Cities, a.k.a Minneapolis/St. Paul.  If you grew up or have been living in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a while, you would agree the winter here can be super cold and long-lasting.  However, if you look at the good side of it, Twin Cities actually has a lot to offer for the residents, whether it is job prospect or lifestyle.

In Minnesota, you get to do all of the cool and fun winter sports during winter season such as cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.  In summer,  there are a lot of art fairs, block party/music, sailing at lakes, car show, arboretum, extensive bicycle trails for running/biking/rollerblading and lots of picnic area by the lakes. Minneapolis-St Paul has topped Portland as the US city with most bicycle trail.  Minnesota residents maximize their outdoor activities every summer; they appreciate summer much more than the folks from much warmer states because summer season here is very very short.

Minnesota Cars and Coffee

One of the popular activities during summer in Minnesota is attending Minnesota Cars and Coffees event (a.k.a MN C & C).  During this event, car enthusiasts and hobbyists as well as spectators, admirers, or simply car lovers will get together in a complex in Chanhassen (TC suburb) where the car owners will show case their collections directly from their hobby garages.  Majority of the car show participants are collectors who own a garage in Chanhassen Motorplex; however, there are collectors who would drive their cars from elsewhere to take part in the show.

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On the first Saturday of each month, from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m., the owners will host open garages for public; everyone is welcome to join in and enjoy/appreciate their collections, take pictures, learn and chit chat with the owners at no cost.  Some sponsors like Dogwood coffee also provide free coffee for the participants.

MN C & C event was founded by Luis Fraguada and Tyler Christopherson in 2008 at a coffee house with only 35 cars to start with. The event grew rapidly and became Midwest premier cars event and one of the largest automobile event in the country.  It was estimated that there were 600 show cars and more than 2,000 spectators at each event in 2014.

Since MN C & C event grew out of people’s fondness to share their enthusiasts on automobiles in general, MN C & C event features all types of car, ranging from sports cars, American muscle cars, Italian exotics, British classics, Japanese Tuners, and many more can be seen each month at MN C&C.  There is a little bit of everything for car enthusiasts.

For further info about MN C & C, visit this website: http://www.mncandc.com/

P.S.: The images above are the photos I took on August 2, 20214.  I love Bugatti and snapped quite many shots of it.  To enlarge, simply click on the images. Enjoy!