I am not adventurous enough to travel

Really? What exactly does it take to be adventurous?

During a week long trip in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, we met fellow travelers from all walks of life:

  • Doug and Penny live a town of 200 people in South Dakota and travel with everything in a pick up truck;
  • Francois and Selma travel from Switzerland and went camping all over North America for the last 14 years;
  • Ray and Megan are expecting their first born in a few months and drove more than 1400 miles to visit the great wonder – their first long distance trip;
  • The old French couple from southern France who we shared a conversation about the great sight of Old Faithful Geyser by hand gesture and limited word;
  • Mike lives in Florida but travels to the area twice a year to research for a book despite the pain he has to endure for the 2400-mile cross country trip;
  • The Nakamura family who loves nothing but showing their kids the wonder of nature.

Regardless of your budget, time or style, you can afford to push your envelope a little to experience a lot.