How To Prepare Your Gear for High Altitude Trekking – Part 5

How To Prepare Your Gear for High Altitude Trekking – Part 5


1. Body wipe — use body wipe to freshen up before you go to bed; your sleeping bag and tent-mate will thank you. It is, of course, optional for some. Trekking_BodyWipe

2. Hand sanitizer — at places where water source is scarce, it is not a bad idea to bring one tiny bottle, apply as needed.  If the temperature is cold and dry, the alcohol-rich hand sanitizer may dry up your skin quickly as the alcohol evaporates; use it sparingly.

3. Toilet paper — bring toilet paper so you can go anytime and anywhere on the trail. There will be no designated toilet during trekking.  The best practice is use a small plastic-made gardening shovel to dig a small hole and bury it once you’re done if you are in a wet ground.  If you are in a dry, rocky, sandy, dessert area, you have to “burito” the doo-doo out.

4. Paper towel or tissue paper — In a cold weather, you will tend to have runny nose, so bring tissue paper or paper towel. I normally bring two sheets of paper towel because it is durable, not easily torn and last longer.

5. Zip lock bag — Bring a zip lock bag to pack out used toiletries and trash on the trail. Leave no trace on the trail. Keep it clean and safe for the environment. Note: This is the wilderness best practice.

6. Bring a travel size tooth paste and tooth brush. Chewing gum and Listerine strip are good alternate to mouth-wash as well.

7. Moisturizer —  In cold windy weather, use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to protect your skin against windburn and chapping.  According to Mayo Clinic, petroleum jelly works so well because it not only blocks the water loss, but the lipids also fill in spaces between the skin cells on the upper layer of epidermis.  [Source: Mayo Clinic]  Besides, in emergency situation, you can also use petroleum jelly as burner starter.

8. TravelJohn — Although I don’t recommend this option for various reasons, it helps when you are too lazy to step out of the tent at night to take a leak because it is cold and dark.  Travel John is waterproof, gel instantly, sanitary, odorless and waste disposal safe; but read  the instruction carefully for proper disposal. The dry weight is light, but slightly bulky to carry.


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