Activities During Acqua Alta in Venice

During acqua alta, most tourists sit in a restaurant, tapas bar or cafe — enjoying a cup of coffee, food, or pastries — while waiting for the water level to decrease so they can continue to explore Venice.  On the other extreme, some tourists will embrace the rare opportunity to venture out their unique experiences in Venice. Will you be adventurous enough to do an activity beyond your comfort zone, knowing there are nowhere else on earth to duplicate these experiences?

Here are the examples of interesting activities people had done during acqua alta in Venice, captured on camera:


Kayaking at San Marco Piazza, Venice


Water Boarding at San Marco Piazza, Venice


Dipping at San Marco Square, Venice


Swimming at San Marco Piazza, Venice

Acqua alta a Venezia

Exploring Venice with Kids on A Boat


Paddle Boarding Along Calles


How About Snorkeling?


Scuba Diving?


Getting Married?

You pick one, or create your own history!  =)