Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Part 2: Geranimo!

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Part 2: Geranimo!


 The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) First Jump — “Geronimo”!

Jumpmaster getting ready by the airplane door

Two jumpmasters, one videographer, and I — prepping by the small aircraft door

Exiting the airplane.

Exited. Free-fall from the airplane w/ two jumpmasters.

Secured and stabilized position

Securing and stabilizing our positions.

First feel of free fall

Free-fall continued… Good arches!

Going through the cloud - all white

Went through white cloud. Hit moisture on my face and it definitely hurt at +/- 110 mph. But, no problemo!!

Checking my altimeter

Checked the altimeter.

Have some fun!

Still got time. Let’s have some fun! Once your mouth is opened, it’s quite hard to keep them closed at +/-110 mph. Notice the jumpmaster’s cheek flapped by the wind?

Free fall continued

Free fall continued… with silly and fun jumpmasters!

Checking altimeter again...

Checking the altimeter again…

Time to wave, pull the chord, and separate.

Time to wave, pull the ripcord, and separate.

This is not me, but this was what I experienced.

This was not me steering the canopy.  The photographer was away from me. He decided to snap someone else’s picture and gave it to me. I should have ask for a discount for that! =) The feeling at this stage is meditative (completely blank and very quiet), so peaceful and I did not hear a single noise, not a single noise. It’s pure vacuum. Occasionally, saying ‘hi’ to the bird passing by. =D

Landing in a corn field, but smooth and no complication.

Landed in a corn field, smooth and no complication. I might have ruined some corns! 😉

Once you completed the AFF First Jump, you will receive a certificate. You will also receive a small booklet to log/track all of your skydiving activities and progress in the future, just like what scuba divers would do. Now, I’m done with AFF first jump! Let’s say you are addicted to it, where should you carry it to next?  “Off” you go to the next level.  Follow this link!